Archival Prints:
Hand printed in our studio these prints are of museum quality. Using the finest quality papers and inks designed to resist color fading, drawings and paintings are reproduced using a fine art printer with exceptionally high resolution. 
Platinum Palladium Prints: 
Platinum prints are handmade and unlike any other printing process.  We have had the good fortune of working with one of the finest craftsman in our industry, Arkady Lvov, who creates all of our prints. Platinum Palladium Prints are known for their durability, it’s believed that a properly made platinum print can last 1,000+ years.  Here’s a bit more about why we have invested in this special craft for image making:  
  • The reflective quality of the print is much more diffuse in nature compared to glossy prints that typically have specular reflections.
  • A very delicate, large tonal range.
  • Not being coated with gelatin, the prints do not exhibit the tendency to curl.
  • The darkest possible tones in the prints are lighter than silver-based prints. 
  • A decreased susceptibility to deterioration compared to silver-based prints due to the inherent stability of the process and also because they are printed on 100% rag papers.